Latest 2020 Census Updates

Community Partners and Ambassadors,

Nevada has a 53.3% for self-responses! Here is where cities in Clark County are:

  • Boulder City: 63%
  • Henderson: 63.1%
  • Las Vegas: 56%
  • Mesquite: 60.0%
  • North Las Vegas: 55.3%

On April 1, Census Day, we kicked it off with a Congressional District Challenge!

Continue encouraging everyone to participate in a social media competition between each district. The Response Rate Map is available at

As of April 26, these were the following response rates: 

  • District One: 46.1%
  • District Two: 54.4%
  • District Three: 58.8%
  • District Fours: 52.9%


On Friday, May 1, at 3pm, join the Census Social Media Storm. Post the below message on your social media channels to encourage your fellow Nevadans to respond.

  • The Census is about more than counting all Nevadans. It helps determine how much funding we will receive for services and programs that keep us safe and prepared. Your responses are protected and confidential. Respond today at

source: April 28, 2020
Noé Orosco
Regional Coordinator
Nevada Census 2020 Outreach
Phone: 559.350.0364

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