A small group of 16 of your neighbors (grass roots & all volunteer) self organized in July 2018, working with the City of Las Vegas to form a Neighborhood Association (N.A.) to represent our interests as a neighborhood with the City of Las Vegas. It should be noted that this is not an HOA.

Our Buffalo Coalition N.A. boundaries

Our BCNA boundaries are S. Cimarron Rd.(east side) / S. Buffalo Dr.(west side) / W. Oakey Blvd.(south side) / W. Via Olivero Ave.(north side). While large, this does not change the many HOA and sub-partitioned neighborhood self organized Neighborhood Watches or other groups that have been formed.  

Benefits of a Neighborhood Association (NA)

The byline of our B.C.N.A. is “Investing in Our Neighborhood”. The benefits offered to a registered N.A. with the City of Las Vegas are many including but not limited to:

  • focused attention from city officials on upcoming bills or other legislature affecting our community.
  • direct communication on activities that may impact our neighborhood.
  • access to all city dept. resources to meet periodically to improve our working relationship & understanding of our city government.
  • we are sought out for input on state, city and county improvements or changes.
  • access to possible State and Federal. grant funds. The resources and possible funds would be to support our interests and any projects/changes we work with the City to implement in our neighborhood.
    • We received our 1st grant of $5K in 2019.
    • We received our 2nd grant of $5K in 2020.
    • We received our 3rd grant of $5K in 2022

Our hope is that we can all work together to further strengthen our effectiveness as a community with the City of Las Vegas and preserve this wonderful place we all call home.

New to our neighborhood?

If you are a new neighbor and would like to join our mailing list. Send email to: comm.buffalo.coalition@gmail.com

Please include:

  • Your name
  • Cell phone number
  • email address
  • property address