Meet Your BCNA Block Captains

Quick statistic: There are 176 homes within our boundaries for the Buffalo Coalition Neighborhood Association. Of the 176 homes, 100 homes are within gated HOA communities. The (un-gated) NW Team Captains patrol everywhere within the boundaries of our Neighborhood Association. We obviously cannot patrol inside gated areas but we do watch out for the streets leading up to the gates. Therefore, we have reached out to the gated communities in hopes that they will partner with us for NW Block Captain activities in the future. We hope you will encourage them to do so as well.

America’s Cup
Pierre Van Assche –

Diamond Bar North
Carol Fata –

Diamond Bar South
Dina Cianchetti –

Dana Point
Shelly Christano –

Palm Canyon Ct.
Terri ORourke –

Nordica Ct.
Lianna Alvarez –

Neeta Daulat –
Lavinia Noguera –

Via Del Cerro
Bob and Lorna Gordon –

Patti Hachquet –

Via Olivero
Michael Maggiore –

Ryan Melvin –

Ski Slope
Keri Demattia-

Melissa Fields –

S. Buffalo Dr.
Jeanine Gibson –

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