Supporting our Buffalo Coalition Neighborhood Association (BCNA) is on a volunteer basis. This team does this because we believe it can add value to our home prices, beautification of our neighborhood and as far as fun, meet more people like you, our neighbors!

If you would like to sign-up to volunteer in some capacity please email:

Dina – President

Dina, in addition to managing her own multimillion dollar business, finds time to represent our neighborhood. Whether it is at City Hall or a Social event, Dina is there, engaged and gets things done.

Terri – Vice President
and Founding Member of BCNA

Terri, a native of LV, has been tirelessly advocating for our neighborhood since she moved to our neighborhood 20 years ago.
A Welcome Wagon lady of sorts, she is the reason so many of us now really connect & know each other.

Carol – Treasurer and Communications Director

Carol moved with her family from Hawaii to LV in June ’15. She has a BA, w/a concentration in Accounting, which makes her the perfect fit for our 1st Treasurer. Don’t be fooled when she is not focused on our account, Carol loves a good sale, the color pink & getting the most for her buck. Carol has also been volunteering for a number of projects over the years that have benefited our neighborhood. Most recently our 2019 Grant Project.