January 6, 2024 partially cloudy 54 degrees. Twelve volunteers picked up 14 full bags of trash along with a truck load of tumbleweeds and other debris. Thank you all….

February 3, 2024 in between rain storms we had an absolutely beautiful day to clean up neighborhood streets and planters.

Thank you to the neighbor volunteers participating today – we accomplished a lot! Planters were weeded, plants trimmed, trees were rocked into place, plants and cactus fertilized. Not as much trash as usual but a lot of palm tree debris, plastic sheets hanging in trees from the wind – general cleanup completed until next month!

March 2, 2024 will be a day remembered for a long time with wind gusts to 70mph in Las Vegas and up to 140mph in Lake Tahoe!! Look at these brave neighborhood volunteers ready and willing but not really a great day to pick up trash!!!

Thank you all for showing up with smiles! We have the best neighbors ever….

BCNA volunteer neighbors and special guests from the GS Lutheran Church April 6, 2024gbf

The winds calmed a bit for trash cleanup on April 6, 2024. Yesterday was super windy with a 23 degree drop in temperature. We had special guests from the Good Samaritan Lutheran Church at the Lakes volunteer today. Thank you to Pastor Jason, Jennifer and Elizabeth for helping out today, we appreciate the bags of trash picked up and neighborly effort.

Thank you to the BCNA group of volunteer neighbors, you’re awesome!