After five years of traffic studies and meetings with neighbors, the City of Las Vegas and GC Wallace Engineering, the installation of three traffic circles began in late December 2022 but were not completed until March 2023 with painted markings on street, delineators, yield signs and flashing lights.

Traffic numbers and speed of vehicles has significantly increased over the last four years to over 7,000 cars traveling on Cimarron daily with speeds of 43-45 mph in a 25 mph zone. This means some people drive the speed limit while most travel 43 mph or faster. Neighbors, especially living and working on Cimarron have noticed a huge impact with the installation of the traffic calming devices. Those neighbors who feel inconvenienced or annoyed please join us for our coffee and/or meetings with City Traffic Engineers. There are calming measures reasonable and appropriate for each street depending on number of vehicles, speeds, street condition, cost and type.

On March 7 BCNA and other neighbors met with City Traffic Engineers at the Good Samaritan Lutheran Church to discuss possible options for Cimarron beside the traffic circles. A storm drain project scheduled for January 2025 will disrupt traffic on Cimarron for up to a year.

Neighbors are interested in options other than the temporary traffic circles. A map below shows some renderings of possible permanent installations depending on width of street etc. As Traffic Engineer, Sean Robinson, pointed out, 50% of people will be satisfied and 50% will not. Traffic studies after circle installations show a decrease in the volume of traffic but only a slight decrease in speeds from 47 mph to 35 mph on Cimarron. Complaints about the circles include, noise from vehicles hitting delineators, honking, drivers not familiar with 4 yield signs, drivers crashing into the circles making a mess, rocks and trash in or near circles and not being cleaned up.

There are to be 51 speed cushions installed from Durango to Rainbow on neighborhood streets, Via Olivero and O’Bannon. None scheduled for El Parque.

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