2019 NFP Grant project

The City of Las Vegas Grant Process

One of the benefits of being registered as a Neighborhood Association with the City of LV is that as a neighborhood we can apply for grant monies. The cap on any Grant awarded is $5,000 per year. We as a neighborhood are then required to collect “in kind” volunteer time on grant related activities and donations. Volunteer time is computed at $24.50/hour. Alternatively, you can opt to donate monies to a grant project.

Your Volunteer Neighbors at Work for You

Once we learned of this grant program, our B.C. Grant Committee quickly got to work to set up a meeting between us and the city official, Alma Estrada; who is responsible for managing the Grant program for CLV. Our team met several more times to brainstorm, research and decide what purpose we would ask grant monies for.

Community Cohesiveness

The decision on what we would ask for grant monies for was decided. The theme is “Community Cohesiveness“. It encompasses a specific selection of new signage to bring about increased community cohesiveness within our specific neighborhood streets. With the new signage as planned, as you enter the neighborhood from any of the boundary streets, it is designed to “communicate” that we as a neighborhood care about 1) each other as neighbors 2) preserving the investment in our homes and property and 3) discouraging unnecessary traffic flow away from our streets, especially our cul de sacs.

Our Grant Committee took the initiative to register our N.A. within the CLV Zoom Grant online tool. They filled out the online grant forms for our neighborhood. They also took the time including obtaining local vendor quotes for the various options for signage, neighborhood team reviews of options, paperwork and more paperwork to upload to the Zoom Grant site etc.

Alma, our city contact, was also helpful conversing with our B.C. Grant Committee as needed to guide our application submission process. In July, the City responded favorably to our grant request and we were awarded approval of $5,000 for the grant. Dina, our Pres. and Terri, our Vice Pres. attended a meeting in July at City Hall to sign off on accepting the grant.

Current Status of our Grant Project’s Implementation – August ’19

A team of volunteer neighbors, who live on your street, will be knocking on your door sometime between today – Sept. 15th. They will be asking for a voluntary cash or check donation to help us reach our goal of $35.00-$50.00/household.

Your cash or check donation will help:

  • defray the cost of some sign poles
  • printing costs for additional 4×6 cards for vehicles
  • we increased the quantity of signage after the grant was approved
  • replace existing faded Neighborhood Watch signs

Here is what you can expect from our Grant Volunteers:

  • They will present photos of the new signage for you to view (also shown below).
  • They will be asking for a voluntary cash donation as mentioned above. Preference is for cash or check. A receipt will be provided.
  • Provide a 4×6 card with our Buffalo Coalition logo and link to our new website!
    • This card is free and yours to keep.
    • If you choose to set or affix this small card to your car’s front dashboard or rear window while driving our streets, it identifies to our Neighborhood Watch that you are one of our neighbors!
  • Wrap up by answering any additional questions.

We hope you will take the time to talk with our volunteers when they stop by and provide a donation amount of your choosing. Thank you in advance!

As well, the review of the locations for the signage have been approved by CLV Traffic and Safety as of Aug. 22nd. The order for the signage will be submitted shortly with some signage hung by the City and the private street signage will be hung by volunteers.

These signs are double sided and will be hung banner style around the perimeter of the
Buffalo Coalition Neighborhood streets.
Cul de sac signs to
reduce unnecessary traffic flow
Signage for Neighborhood Watch Captains and Volunteers
4×6 Index card for Neighbors Cars
Visually Identifies you to Neighborhood Watch Patrols


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