8101 OBannon – Updates

1/21/2021 Update:

We will have a new neighbor, Alex Bouzari, CEO of DataDirect Networks Inc., who is building a new home from the ground up at 8101 OBannon. Neighbors have wondered if a church, assisted living facility, a condo unit or motel are being built.

This project will take several years so we opened a dialog with Gary, the Project Superintendent. We plan to keep you updated so we can provide just the facts and dispel the myths & rumors.

The latest information from Gary is the home is 35,000 square feet with a ten car garage located on the O’Bannon side of the property. The front of the home faces Via Olivero with the drive down the pine tree lined lane next to the tennis court. Lately, many big dump trucks have been hauling away dirt and sod as this yard will be dug down ten feet. A large swimming pool and pool house will be built in this area. The ceilings in the home are 25 feet tall to accommodate museum quality art pieces and furnishings. Mr. Bouzari and his wife will call this their “permanent home” but most likely will not live there full time. The home will be complete by summer 2022.


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