Coyote Sighting?

Editorial Contributor: Terri O’Rourke / VP Buffalo Coalition
Jan. 23, 2020

Dear Neighbor,
Sergeant Leavitt from City of Las Vegas Animal Control shared the
following information:

1.  Coyotes are regulated by Nevada Wildlife – they will not respond
to calls unless the coyote has shown aggression toward humans or is
injured. City Animal Control will only respond for the same.

2.  Coyotes follow the flood control channels into town to find food,
water and shelter.
They are animals of opportunity.  Unattended dog and cat food,
uncovered trash cans, swimming pools/decorative fountains and over
grown shrubs are exactly what coyotes need.  Owners of vacant lots
around the neighborhood are responsible for keeping brush cut down.
(Anyone can access the Clark County Assessors property search to
access owner name and address; write the owner a letter if there is an

3.  Coyotes can not tell the difference between your dog, cat,
chicken, or a rabbit which they prefer.  Keep dogs on a leash that is
short in length while walking – those extending leashes give coyotes
an opportunity to grab your pet.

4.  While there is evidence coyotes are in the neighborhood it is
suggested pets be attended at all times while outside; especially
rabbit size pets.

5.  If coyotes are unable to find meat to eat they will eat fruit from
your trees or vegetables from the garden.
When a coyote is not able to find the food it is searching, it most
likely will leave the area.

Most recent Coyote sighting on Cimarron between O’Bannon and Via Olivero.

Animal Control Dispatch
Call 702-229-6444, chose option #2.

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