2020 Neighborhood Partners Fund Grant Project

In September 2020, the neighborhood was awarded $5000.00 from the City of Las Vegas Neighborhood Partners Fund (NPF) Grant for our project, “Neighborhood Planter Beautification.” Permission from neighbors owning the four planters was obtained to remove weeds, trash, rocks and other debris along with overgrown plants. The planters are located at; Buffalo/O’Bannon, Via Olivero/ Buffalo, Valadez/O’Bannon, and Warbonnet/O’Bannon.

As of September 2021, all four planters have been completed. Neighborhood Volunteers, Carol Fata, Renae Gibson, Shelly Christano, Dina Cianchetti, Lianna Alvarez, Alex Fata, Pete Fata, Tim O’Rourke, Patrick O’Rourke, Katie O’Dea, Pamela Littleton, Jeanine Gibson, and Terri O’Rourke along with men from O’Rourke Plumbing worked many hours to get planters ready for planting by trimming plants, pulling weeds, and hauling debris, rocks and trash away. New irrigation was installed where needed (two planters have desert landscaping and require volunteer watering by neighbors).

Pete Fata designed the Buffalo Art pieces along with Nevada Precision Sheet Metal. Using a plasma cutter the Buffalo were cut and then powder coated. Buffalo Art pieces were installed by Underground Inc. in the Buffalo/O’Bannon planter, the Valadez/O’Bannon planter and Via Olivero/Buffalo planter on January 8, 2021.

A HUGE THANK YOU to all the neighbors who collectively donated $1200.00 toward the project. To those neighbors who volunteered in the planter cleanups and planting, HUGS and THANK YOU!!! If you would like to help with on-going maintenance, please contact us!

Finished planter with cactus and Buffalo Art
Another beautiful planter after major cleanup and replanting

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